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If you've got an adventurous child who wants to pull off some amazing BMX stunts on their Rooster BMX, or if they just want to ride something wicked, a Rooster BMX bike will be the ideal present that they desire this Christmas and all year round.

With small BMX wheels and frames, our Rooster BMX bikes are easy to enjoy and are ideal for the streets, ramps or skatepark. They're available in tons of different colours and there are plenty of options to truly make it their own.

Our range of girls and boys Rooster BMX bikes are manufactured to be hard wearing enough to stand the stresses of jumps and tricks. This means they're also easilly capable of dealing with what's thrown at them by the kids

We include the full Rooster BMX range as well as some exclusive Rooster BMX models only to be found at E-Bikes Direct. All at bargain prices.

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